Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

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In 2004, Brent Powell was in his early 20s leading a crew on a traveling construction team. Prince Metal Stampings had just opened its doors with a handful of employees, but the prospect of joining this new enterprise was enticing to Brent. Unfamiliar with metal stamping and new to manufacturing, Brent joined Prince as a general associate. His first responsibility was packing parts as they came off the line.

Brent thrived in this new environment. He was soon trained as a press operator. Later he became an area manager and then a senior area manager. In 2016, he was promoted to plant superintendent with the responsibility of ensuring everyone in the plant stays safe, on schedule and keeps quality top of mind.

Brent credits his longevity with Prince to the relationships he’s built.

“We all have to think about money, so being able to advance inside Prince has certainly played a part,” said Brent. “But sometimes you find a job that feels like home, and that’s where you want to stay.”

A Monday through Friday work week has certainly been a plus for Brent as well. Those of us that work alongside Brent know him as a trusted co-worker. But on weekends, Brent is more of a speedster – traveling the Southeast racking up trophies as a successful go cart driver.

Brent and his wife Melinda live in Ohatchee. They have two children, Alexis (26) and Justin (17), and are expecting their first grandchild in 2022.